United Kingdom

What is SHAPE?

We aim to test a new training and support group for people in the early stages of dementia and an e-learning programme for carers. This study is developed in collaboration with researchers in Norway and Australia, based on existing interventions using the principles of health promotion and self-management. We hope to place people with dementia at the centre of their care and teach skills for decision making, symptom management and healthy living.

Who can participate?

We are inviting people identified at memory clinics with mild to moderate dementia living in the community, with a formal diagnosis of dementia. These people will also need a friend or family member willing to take part to support them in the study.

Participants in the UK will be identified from memory clinics only in the South West of England and therefore we will not be accepting direct requests to participate from the public at this time.

What is involved in participation?

Participants in this study will be randomised into the intervention group or treatment as usual group.

Intervention group

People with dementia in the intervention group will be invited to a training and support group led by two health professionals once a week for 10 weeks. Their care partners will not attend the group sessions but will receive an online program with similar training materials and support.

Treatment as usual group

Participants in the control group will not receive the group training or online programme from our team but will have access to the online educational program after the study is complete. All participants (people with dementia and care partners in both groups) will be asked to attend 3 assessment sessions to answer questionnaires about their health and wellbeing. This will be done at convenient locations for the participants, so could be done in their home.

Contact person for SHAPE United Kingdom:

Shelley Rhodes

University of Exeter

This is an EU Joint Programme – Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) project. The project is supported by Alzheimer’s Society UK and JPND – www.jpnd.eu

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