If you want more information about the SHAPE project you can contact the national trial coordinators.

Trial coordinators


Martha Therese Gjestsen
Center for Age-related Medicine (SESAM)
Stavanger University Hospital,
Stavanger, Norway
+47 92 80 55 25

Helse Stavanger

Janne Røsvik
Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Aging and Health
Oslo, Norway
+47 415 92 660

Ageing and Health

United Kingdom

Shelley Rhodes
University of Exeter Clinical Trials Unit (ExeCTU)
Exeter, UK
+44 (0)13 9272 5229

University of Exeter

Catherine Henderson
London School of Economics and Political Science
London, UK
+44 (0)20 7955 7247

The London School of Economics and Political Science


Jessica Amos
Neuroscience Research Australia 
Sydney NSW, Australia
+61 02 9339 1853

The University of New South Wales

Our project partners