A milestone – The first SHAPE Facilitator Training is conducted

On the 4th December the University of Exeter, UK, played host to six potential SHAPE course facilitators, and the Research Nurse involved with SHAPE. Professor Ingelin Testad, the Chief Investigator, provided the training. This training focussed on the facilitator manual and discussing how the SHAPE intervention sessions should be delivered. The training demonstrated how activities can help bond a group and find common interests.

The potential facilitators came from mental health, psychiatric and occupational health backgrounds. They all had experience working with people with dementia and came from areas around South and Mid Devon- the areas we are targeting for SHAPE in the UK. Of the six potential facilitators, three were male. It was brilliant to see this gender split, as this may impact how open some of the people with dementia feel they can be when discussing topics in the SHAPE intervention sessions.

All the potential facilitators were highly motivated and enthusiastic which is encouraging for the SHAPE intervention group. They will receive ‘top-up’ training in February, just before the first groups are likely to start.


SHAPE is an international, EU funded research project aiming to improve quality of life and well-being for people with early stage dementia. The intervention will be delivered by health providers in Australia, Norway and United Kingdom.

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